The strength of the German science system lies in the way it combines a division of responsibilities with cooperation. The Alliance lays the foundation for this cooperation and here, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation contributes its excellent international network.

Robert Schlögl, President Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation

Joybrato Mukherjee, DAAD
Science has a powerful voice when it acts as a community of strong partners. With nearly 100 years of experience as the internationalisation agency of German universities, the DAAD is able to contribute to the success of the Alliance. Due to the diversity of its members, the Alliance is able to draw on the strengths of the German science system, including its enormous appeal for international students, researchers and teachers.

Joybrato Mukherjee, President German Academic Exchange Service

Katja Becker, DFG
The efficiency of the German science system is based not least on the diverse range of research and funding types it offers. This diversity is the institutional expression of the high degree of academic freedom we enjoy in Germany, and this is reflected to the full in the collaborative work done by the Alliance of Science Organisations: together, we strengthen the complementary nature of the different approaches to funding while at the same time coordinating on key questions and issues so to enable excellent cutting-edge research on a lasting basis.

Katja Becker, President German Research Foundation

With its universities, institutes of higher education and non-university scientific organizations, the German research and innovation system offers a high degree of functional and structural diversity. This diversity is a great treasure and a huge competitive advantage internationally; we must therefore maintain it and continue its development. The Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany is a valuable collaboration platform for providing fresh impetus for innovation at a national and international level. Moreover, this platform aims to stimulate and accelerate synergetic cooperation at all levels of technological maturity.

Holger Hanselka, President Fraunhofer Society

It is vital for the leading German science organisations to join forces and coordinate closely in political and social discourse. In this way, they can make an essential contribution to the national and international positioning of Germany as a research base. The Alliance’s joint initiatives and statements have become a key driving force for the German science system

Otmar Wiestler, President Helmholtz Association

Walter Rosenthal, HRK
The Alliance is an important forum for communication and coordination processes between science organizations in Germany. In its capacity as the driving force for national and international science policy, the Alliance also has an outward effect. For universities, as the institutional center of the science system, close cooperation and joint positioning with their partners are of strategic importance. Only together can science achieve lasting success. Among others, the Alliance initiatives “Understanding Animal Testing” and “Digital Information” / DEAL as well as the joint positioning on career paths in science and research bear witness to this.

Walter Rosenthal, President German Rectors’ Conference

Gerald Haug, Leopoldina
It is more important now than ever before for the major science and research organisations in Germany to speak with a single voice. In this way, they can contribute to addressing the challenges facing society and to finding possible solutions based on scientific expertise.

Gerald Haug, President German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

Patrick Cramer, MPG; Fotocopyright: Christoph Mukherjee / Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Without the Alliance, the Max Planck Society would not be the same. We have been involved from the very beginning and value the association enormously. Particularly when we have different approaches in our day-to-day work on science policy, or when we don’t share the same opinion. That is a natural part of it, also because the German research landscape – and that is its great treasure – is so structurally diverse. The Alliance is not an echo chamber, but a lively space for honest exchange. This gives it credibility – especially at important moments when we speak and act with a united voice. When the organizations of the Alliance use their combined weight for a cause, it must be taken very seriously.

Patrick Cramer, President Max Planck Society

Die Allianz ist eine gewichtige Stimme für Freiheit und Offenheit der Wissenschaft im Rahmen eines differenzierten wissenschafts- und förderpolitischen Diskurses.

Wolfgang Wick, Chair German Science and Humanities Council